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Small DarylPaphos  simply  shined  as the Cultural  Capital of the EU  2017  and  the whole year event in Paphos  has been a phenomenal draw card  for the tourism sector.    Tourist arrivals reached  a record of 3,652,073 arrivals clocking a 15%  rise on the year before.   Even the month of  December 2017  has  attracted  very close to a 100 thousand visitors , (98,924 arrivals in fact) , an increase of 13%!

Cyprus is on line to  have more incoming flights this year as never before.  Cyprus will enjoy  more flights from many new destination​s​ in Europe, ​the ​Mediterranean and more.   What phenomenal prospects are promised for the 2018 arrivals! Many would appreciate the cheaper fares too!   Incredibly,  Cyprus is expecting 15% more tourist arriving in Cyprus in 2018!

For us as real estate agents we understand  that there is a close relationship between tourism and real estate. Overall,  the ‘foreign buyers’  buying real estate in Cyprus are a  very important segment which at times  even exceeds ​the ​number of  property sales by​ ​‘local buyers’ . Visitors love Cyprus and often have ​a ​Cyprus home  on their mind….  Glorious  summers and sunny winters, easy lifestyle and a handy airport some 15 minutes away!

According to the RICS Cyprus Property Price Index which shows  the demand for properties is buoyant. The average price for residential  apartments ha​s​ risen by 7.4% since the third quarter of 2017. ​V​illa prices increased by  4.2%  in the same period.  

​The l​atest news ​shows that ​the highest property price increase was in ​the ​Limassol centre and surrounding coastal area​s​.  Good news for​ Paphos buyers is that ​the ​Paphos area offers a fabulous array of properties you’ll love. Just check out  our Boutique range ​and websites ​fitzgeraldcyprus.com and cypruspropertyboutique.com