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check iconSelling Your Property in Cyprus - Real Estate Specialists in Paphos and Limassol

Why choose

Selling Your Property is Our Top Priority

With Fitzgerald's www.fitzgraldcyprus.com  website and our 'Vision Centrix' marketing approach to the presentation of your property, more buyer attention will be captured which in turn will ensure your home has the compelling appeal that captures the buyer's imagination.

  1. Visually stunning photography. Excellent photographs help the buyer to visualize the lifestyle the property can offer. Our professional photography highlights the best features of your home and creates a 'mood' to enchant homebuyers.

  2. Our unique narrative and detailed information ensure that the buyer has ALL the facts on screen including the benefits, the lifestyle, the "wow" factor the buyer will enjoy by owning your property!

  3. Notable Features is a section of the web page which answers the buyer's need for 'at a glance' information. Presented in bullet points, it is a quick and easy reference of all the important property attributes, features, facts and figures that a buyer needs to have, to enable an informed buying decision.

  4. Our very personalized presentation Gives Your Property A Unique Identity in the buyer's mind's eye, that helps your property to stand out in a crowded market place.

  5. Buyers can search for their ideal home on our website using Google Earth with its Satellite Global Positioning System. See exactly where each property is located, check out the orientation, how far to the beach, to town or local points of interest.

  6. Your property is marketed using specialised creative editorials with descriptions that captivate the buyer's heart and mind. Your home has a compelling appeal and your property deserves to be written like a best-selling novel!

  7. We actively market properties on the leading property portal Rightmove in the UK and Prian in Russia and various satellite republics  of Russia.

  8. We promote our range of properties on Social Media: advertising and promotions including Information News-flash, Facebook, Linked-in, Pinterest, Twitter, Live chat, On-line consulting

  9. We release a quarterly property catalogue which is widely distributed.

  10. At Fitzgeralds we have fully trained multi-lingual staff : English, Greek, Russian, Dutch, Afrikaans, Polish and German.

Buying property has never been so easy! Ultimately, this is good news for your property! With Fitzgerald's you can be assured that we will Do Everything Possible to achieve the best price the market can offer within the shortest possible time.