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Chapel of Saint Alexandros

The chapel of Saint Alexandros was built in 1990 with donations from Mr Leonidas Liasidis Kotzjas and Mrs Galatias G. Kyriazi. Besides the chapel there was a big bush of trimithies and shinies where the faithful Christians went and made their prayers and on its branches they used to hang various items of clothes worn by ill children in order for the Saint to cure them. To commemorate Saint Alexandros the chapel celebrates every 30th of August and on 12 December a festive Holy Service takes place by the residents of community.

Church of Saint Mauritius

On the foundations of the old church to the east of the plains of Linidion the current church of Saint Mauritius was built with the donations of the family of Mr Pericles Stasi. With donations from Pissouri residents the church was extended, maintained and fenced in 2001.

Saint Mauritius is known as the doctor of ‘skatharon’(spots) and it is said that if one takes some earth from the inside of the church, make mud from it and in the form of ointment put it on spots the ailing person will be cured.

Every 12th of September a feast is made and every Easter Thursday a Holy Service is taken to honour the Saint. The ancient church of Saint Mauritius was maintained recently drawing in a lot of attention from curious passer-bys and Christian pilgrims alike.

Chapel of Virgin Mary of Akonopetras

In the homonym ground of Akonopetra to the west of the Community amphitheater the chapel was built to honour the Virgin Mary. The chapel’s diocese belongs to the church of Apostle Andrea and the expenses were paid by the residents of Pissouri with free of charge supervision of work by Mr Kyriako D. Mavroudi. Every 21th of November a service is held.

Adapted from pissouri.org