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Paphosj 770x595A tree planting event took place in Paphos on the 10th of November, creating the largest park in the centre of Paphos, according to a spokesman.

Dozens of local students and environmentalists took part in the event, which saw the planting of five hundred and twenty five new trees.

“The park was created opposite the monument of Makarios and the soil was carefully prepared before to increase the chance of the tree surviving and also saves more than 70% of water,” he said.

Speaking at the ceremony, Paphoos Mayor Phedonas Phedonos expressed his joy and satisfaction at the presence of young student volunteers, stressing that their contribution clearly sends the message that today’s and tomorrow’s citizens of Paphos appreciate the environment, care their town ​​and seek a better quality of life.

“Through this new intervention, we want to create a vibrant culture nucleus and an environmental reference point. We want to offer the residents of the region a place of relaxation and sociability, good entertainment and natural beauty,” he said.

The park will also include a playground, a small refreshment area, a walkway and a cycle path.