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Pafos 2017 - European Capital of Culture

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Tours and Traces - Kedares
Contact Reservation required, limited availability: Tel. 26 955176

Tours and Traces

Tours and Traces - Kedares

Saturday 30th September
Starting Point: Pafos2017 Headquarters 08:30 & Return: 14:30

The Tours and Traces programme visits, Kedaresa small village with special natural beauty and history.  According to myths, during ancient times, King Nicocles (Kinyras) had his summer home in Kedares.  During Frankish and Venetian rule, Kedareswas owned by important feudal lords of Cyprus and members of the Lusignan House.  Participants in this European Capital of Culture Pafos2017 programme will visit the renovated Cultural Centre, they will get information on the old church of the village, the ancient caves and they will pay a visit to the famous “Trypimeni”(pierced) stone, which in the pastwas thought to have healing properties.  There will also be a visit-tour at the glass factory of artist George Papadopoulos and the famous women’s coffee-shop.

Location Kedares , Pafos.