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Coming Together in Mouttalos

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Coming Together in Mouttalos

Wednesday 20th September
19:00 - 20:35

The Mouttalos area does not “belong” to anyone; neither to the Turkish Cypriot owners who left their houses after the 1974 invasion, nor to the Greek Cypriot refugees who settled there afterwards. It is precisely this situation that the project Coming Together in Mouttalos aims to present in the neighbourhood inhabited by the Turkish Cypriots during the period from Cyprus’ independence in 1964 until 1974 – through tracing the narrative of people from the two communities. Greek Cypriot and Turkish Cypriot artists will set up installations trying to reconnect past and present, bringing the two communities closer. Austrian artist Victoria Coeln approaches this sensitive issue very carefully by lighting spaces in Mouttalos such as deserted phone booths and a courtyard with flowers which will be used as small stages for small-scale events, so that the area can reconnect with the rest of the city. As part of the general rebirth of Mouttalos, henna and terebinth trees will be planted along the streets and photographer Ercenc Mehmet Korkmanzel will be the curator of the events organised during the planting of the trees. 

Location Moutallos
Entrance: Free